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Ecole Saint-Louis 1939

Saint-Louis school, its history ....

Saint-Louis School was founded in 1894 by the Congregation of the Sisters Jeanne Delanoue who taught girls. At that time, boys attended public school. 


During the First World War, the establishment served as a convalescent home for wounded soldiers. 


In 1947, Father Rousseau and a few parishioners decided to build a private school for the education of boys: St. Joseph's School.


Following a reduction in the workforce, the two establishments, Saint-Louis and Saint-Joseph, were merged in 1968. The Saint-Louis school then became co-educational. 


In 1978, the last nun, Sister Marie-Joseph, left the school. From that date on, the direction and teaching were assured by lay people. 


Today the school is under the Diocesan Trusteeship of the private Catholic education of Poitiers.

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